Target Help
Typical values for Boomershoot:

Tree Line, 375 yards, -7 degrees
Base of hill, 550 yards, 0 degrees
Top of hill, 700 yards, 12 degrees

The range to the target is the actual distance in yards. Some laser range finders give a corrected range based on the incline or tilt. Do NOT use this correction. This ruins the windage predictions.

The incline is the angle from horizontal to the target. Typically this is measured in degrees but some scope incline meters give the result as the cosine of the angle. For a target precisely on the horizontal (0 degrees) the cosine is 1.0. For a target directly overhead (90 degrees) or directly below (-90 degrees) the cosine is 0.0.

The speed of the target only applies to moving targets such as you might find in a sophisticated USPA stage. This is the ground speed of the target. You may select the units to be in miles per hour, yards per second, or feet per second.

The direction of the target only applies to moving targets. This is the direction of the target with respect to the barrel of the gun. Moving directly to the right would be 90 degrees and to the left would be -90 degrees. Directly away would be 0 degrees. Moving away and up a hill might be something like 30 degrees. Moving toward you and down a hill might be -30 degrees. A person walks at about 3 MPH. A very fast walk is 5 MPH.

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