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Typical values for Federal Gold Medal Match ammo:

.22LR subsonic: 1080 fps, BC .185
.22LR supersonic: 1200 fps, BC .185
.223 69 gr: 2950 fps, BC .301
.308 168 gr: 2650 fps, BC .462
.308 175 gr: 2600 fps, BC .496
30-06 168 gr: 2700 fps, BC .462
300 Win Mag 190 gr: 2900 fps, BC .533

Muzzle velocity should be measured with a chronograph for each gun and lot of ammunition. Lot to lot variations in velocity are surprising. Some powders have large variations with temperature as well. For maximum accuracy use a program such as Modern Ballistics to correct the velocity at the chronograph back to the muzzle.

Ballistic coefficients are provided by the bullet manufacture. Some suppliers give different numbers for different velocities. That is not required for the algorithms used by this program. For best results use the BC given for the highest velocities listed by bullet vendor.

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